Chick-fil-A of Phillipsburg, NJ

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Chick-fil-A of Phillipsburg, NJ

We only ever eat “fast food” as an absolute last resort. Which means, we hardly ever eat fast food anywhere!

However, if that very rare moment ever presents itself – Chick-fil-A would be an acceptable choice for us.

About the only truly healthy thing on the menu is the grilled chicken nuggets. If we’re feeling naughty (or mildly mentally ill), maybe the breaded chicken strips or breaded chicken nuggets. Never the sandwiches and never the fries. We’d only eat those if we wanted to become hungry again in 30 minutes. Which is what we don’t want, so we never do.

However, be forewarned. ALL Chick-fil-A breaded chicken products contain MSG. Yes. Monosodium glutamate. Kind of disappointing, to be honest. Hopefully, at some point in the future, they decide to ditch that horrible ingredient.

They’re located at 1194 Route 22 East – just outside the Phillipsburg Mall. Phone: (908) 859-4000. You can also download some sort of app for your phone. Seems like a lot of people enjoy bypassing human experience these days.

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While we stay away from all fast food – Chick-fil-A is a friendly place that has at least one healthy menu item.

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