How long does Murphy have left? Why aren’t level-headed, common-sense oriented citizens furious?

NJ Governor Murphy signs bill giving Trenton veto power over development projects in state towns

The biggest power overreach in recent Trenton history (aside from Governor Murphy’s never-ending health emergency).

On Friday, September 18, 2020,  New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy held a signing ceremony for S232/A2212 which gives the NJDEP – at least in theory – de facto control over most development projects in New Jersey.

With this bill that Governor Murphy signed today, we will begin to lift a costly and burdensome weight off the parts of our State that have been dealing with the negative impacts of environmental pollution the most,” said Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver, who also serves as the state’s Commissioner of the Department of Community Affairs. “By being more judicious in the application of our environmental permitting laws, we can create more broadly shared prosperity in New Jersey. Because every New Jerseyan deserves a healthier, cleaner and more financially stable place to live, no matter their zip code.”

“Judicious.” Right.

The key is how the new law defines “overburdened community.” It’s “any census block group, as determined in accordance with the most recent United States Census, in which:  (1) at least 35 percent of the households qualify as low-income households; (2) at least 40 percent of the residents identify as minority or as members of a State recognized tribal community; or (3) at least 40 percent of the households have limited English proficiency.

311 of the state’s 565 municipalities qualify under those criteria.

New Jersey now MUST, by law, deny building permits if, as the Governor’s Office explained in its celebratory press release, “an environmental justice analysis determines a new facility will have a disproportionately negative impact on overburdened communities.”

Think it’s already too difficult to do business in New Jersey?

It didn’t get any easier today.

(Article from SaveJersey)

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