Cheap Wine Review Episode 4 – 14 Hands “Hot to Trot”

We wanted to make a 3-minute video – but got carried away. Today’s Cheap Wine Reviews VLOG is about 14 Hands “Hot to Trot” red blend.

Cheap Wine Review Episode 4 – 14 Hands “Hot to Trot” Red Blend

If you care not to watch the above video – we’ll sum it up.

1. It passes our “two-bottle test.” We don’t feel bad the next day.
2. The flavor is pleasing. A notch or two better than cheaper wines.
3. Cost is about $10 a 750ml bottle. High for our standards.
4. We’re happier paying closer to $5 per 750ml.
5. But if you’re in the mood to “splurge” on a budget – it’s a good choice.
6. It would amount to a $3650 a year savings by choosing a cheaper brand.

There you go! Simple wine reviews for the everyday person!

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