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Political People Route 28 Branchburg NJ-2
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Political People along Route 28

In case you’re one of those people that don’t pay attention (or have just never been here) – there is a plot of land along the western part of Route 28 that has an interesting resident in Branchburg, NJ.

They have a flurry of political signs in their yard. In fact, their entire property is peppered with them.

It’s clear that they get their “news” from mainstream media without a doubt. They’re “mad as hell” it appears.

Do these political signs help anyone?

We don’t think so. It creates a divide between people.

Whoever lives here is apparently upset about the current political situation – primarily who was elected President.

But those signs don’t do much. They only label those residents in a certain way. Each observer obviously has independent viewpoints, thankfully, due to our “free” society.

To us, it appears that these residents are angry for some reason. But the signs and “marketing,” if you must call it that – are counter-productive at the very least. They’ve alienated almost every person. This is code to pretty much “stay away” from these people – even if you agree. You’d have to be a basket-case to partner with these people.

This kind of effort is deemed spooky by most people. Which is why they’re doing more harm than good by posting such “messages” publicly.

Whoever lives here doesn’t understand the subtle ways you can influence people. They just don’t. Perhaps they don’t care. It probably makes them feel better to express themselves rather than make a difference. Because I’m certain – that they’re not making a difference to pretty much anyone. They’re only hurting themselves.

It’s not about who’s in charge

I’ll close this out by saying that our entire political system, as well as the financial system, is screwed up beyond belief. Has been for a few centuries. It’s only boiling up now.

From what we see – the whole “Trump” administration is trying desperately to fix countless blunders that have been made over the past 100 years. I seriously doubt they can fix them all – but there are so many that can be corrected in rapid fashion.

Those people like that household who is shouting out against Trump should look deeper.

The financial system(s) have always held humanity down. Easy (or free) credit to get stuff no one really needed.

Look at how these rackets were enabled – and those should be the “signs” that are in front of this guy’s home. Not Trump. Not immigration. None of that crap.

Perhaps this household should think a bit harder who the real enemies are, and how they formed their opinions to begin with.

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