Turn off your cell phone at night, please!

A quick public service announcement!

For God’s sake, please just shut your mobile device off when you begin your migration to your bedroom.

It is good for your health.

What does constant checking do for you?

Are you unable to put it down? Why?

I know many people who cannot do what I’m suggesting… because (their reason) “they can’t!”

No explanation. No justification. Just an infantile “NO! I WON’T!”

What does that tell you?

About them? Or about society? Or about you?

Even people like us – who run a frickin’ “social” website – refuse to allow it in our bedroom. Your place of rest is supposed to be a sanctuary. Treat it as such.

Having that LED / LCD blue-light disturb your circadian rhythm, as well as your mental process, just seems a bit over the top.  And to whose detriment?

Don’t mean to sound all nanny-ish, because I know how that feels. However, the only reason we mention this is because we care about humanity. We know how addictive things can influence people beyond reason.

Boundaries – very important

cell phone in bed distractionWe’ll round this piece out with a pertinent reminder about boundaries. Limits, if you will.

Most of us engage in a plethora of things in our lives – that if done in excess, will result in some form of demise.

That includes eating decadent foods, or even “fasting” for health. Or it can be extreme fitness or an excessively sedentary lifestyle. Or the obsessive “binge-watching” of entertainment shows on your display device like a TV, laptop or mobile phone. Anything in excess (or absence), typically ends up with a negative asterisk, right?

Boundaries can be physically imposed as well. Hence, our recommendation to leave your phone out of your bedroom.

While it “appears” important just in case something catastrophic happens – the odds are slim that they will. This is an important crossroad to understand. Do you occupy the “what if” camp, or “the odds are” camp?

The odds are, that nothing bad will happen in the near future.

If you’re one of the people that do not have a landline phone, and if you’re hell-bent on being accessible in case an emergency happens – at the very least, figure out a way to enable your phone to ONLY receive calls – and nothing else while you’re in “sleep mode.”

Why are we saying this?

Well, for one – we think it’s common sense to not allow something like technology (which hasn’t nearly been “analyzed” properly or objectively), to overtake anyone’s life. To the point of outrageous obsession or addiction.

Additionally, we care about people and do not want to see society as a whole become some horribly degraded for the benefit of just a few “brilliant” digital entrepreneurs.

Social behavior and psychology are fascinating subjects that not many people delve deep enough into. More of you should start digging deeper into this phenomenon.

We’re almost shooting ourselves in the foot for even mentioning this – on a site that wishes to garner more readers. Because we (at the beginning at least), need to utilize the same addictive social media in order to attract viewers. And at the same time, if we do attract people, we might be turning them off by offering such advice. Such a quagmire, wouldn’t you say?

But honesty is refreshing and feels great.

So – for those that are confused – do yourselves a favor. Treat your bedroom like a temple. You can socialize all you want all day, every day – but your delicious bed, soft pillows, and fluffy down comforter should be for you, and you only. Not some online fantasy land of roller-coaster emotions, dopamine hits, and other nonsensical issues.

We go to bed every night with just our minds unaltered. And even though it takes sometimes an hour or more to finally lull ourselves into our desired blissful slumber, we’re always happy we did it without digital interference.

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NJroute22 (site admin) is an avid traveler along NJ Route 22 (and almost all of central New Jersey!) Family man, pet lover, and property owner who has a natural curiosity for everything around.