We’re fascinated when we get the chance to spot classic car from the good ‘ole days around the NJroute22.com area.

Yesterday’s cars were from simpler times. Sure, they might have needed a little more upkeep, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, they say!

And none of those classic cars had many of the modern-day “conveniences” we all get to “enjoy” now, like safety warnings, auto-breaking, lane-change assist, or GPS. You just focused on the fun of driving!

We’ll be sharing the classic cars we have the enjoyment of seeing regularly.

Today’s photo segment is specifically regarding some awesome Chevy Corvette’s from the 1970’s. Heck, these could even be from the late 60’s.

Corvette for sale on Route22

This beauty may still be for sale at mile marker 24 in Readington. I didn’t see the asking price – but we’ll check it out another time and update the story if you’re interested in buying it.

Also, this car had the historical plates – which means no need for state inspection!

Chevy Corvette Route 22 Readington NJ-2

Classic Corvette spotted at Walmart

We saw this classic beauty over at the Walmart in Clinton, NJ.

No classic plates, but I wonder if this person uses it as their “everyday car,” or just out for a Sunday drive.

Retro Chevy Corvette Walmart Clinton NJ-2

Retro Chevy Corvette Walmart Clinton NJ-1

Don’t forget the classic car exhibitions

We’ll be covering this shortly – but there are various “classic car” exhibitions that take place along Route 22. One of them is over at the Stewart’s Drive-In over in Lebanon Borough. We believe it takes place on Wednesdays during the summer.

Also – we spotted this ridiculously nice 1920’s Chevy roadster at a charity event over at the Red Mill Museum Village in Clinton a few weeks ago. Never saw such an old car in meticulously perfect condition. I asked the guy how much he’d take to part ways with it. He said “Never. I’m passing this on to my son!”

Classic Car 1920 Chevy Roadster Clinton NJ-1

Stay tuned for more awesome photographs of classic cars in NJ and PA!

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