Another episode of our weekly video series for on YouTube called The Life of Two Australian Shepherds that we adopted in January 2019.

For week 13’s episode – Ocho and Sonny spent some time in some snow and sleet. Dogs have to go out, right? Just like mailmen, they have to “deliver” their goods to planet earth.

Sonny and Ocho don’t mind the snow – or their lack of skills!

Being “newbie” puppies, both Sonny and Ocho seem to be completely unaware of their shortcomings.

That includes the fact that they over-extend themselves when traversing slippery conditions like snow, ice, and sleet. Slipping, falling, and other physical mishaps happen every day.

But they didn’t miss a beat. Still love playing and exploring. Blissfully oblivious is sometimes the way to go!

However, we noticed that the “inclement weather” conditions did provide some incentive to get back to more comfortable conditions (most of the time). But when a dog is intent on staying out – you’ll know. They’re a pain in the neck to get back inside when that happens!

We wonder what they’ll have in store for us for the Week 14 episode next Friday. Any suggestions? Should we take them somewhere new?

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