Toner Refills – DIY or replace? {Brother TN-210}

Today we’re adding a new sub-category to our Video Library – which is: Helpful Hints, Hacks, How-to, and DIY!

We’ll try our best to “share the knowledge” that we’ve acquired to make society better as a whole.

The first installment in this category is regarding printer toner cartridges. Buy brand name (OEM) replacements? Knock-offs? Or go hard-core and just refill the toner powder yourself?

We cover the Brother TN-210 line of toner.

YouTube is an external brain – but understand the risks!

We tried ourselves first – before consulting YouTube for instructions. (By the way – please subscribe to the NJroute22 YouTube channel! We need all the help we can get!)

The big trend these days is to simply go straight to YouTube to get to “know” how to do almost anything. It’s quite resourceful, as almost ALL topics out there have been covered. I’d bet that at least 70% of everything imaginable is documented. Including printers and other technology.

However, we find ourselves very aware of what reliance on others can do to a person. It weakens them.

The power of “trial and error” is more than you think. Finishing your task as fast as possible, while admirable, is not without downsides.

Learning from your mistakes is a crucial part of your mental framework. The synaptic patterns that form by experiencing all aspects of a project go a long way at making you more self-reliant and smarter as time goes on.

Getting all the right answers may be helpful to a degree – but understanding why other things are wrong is equally, if not more important.

(PS – this is not to say that still checking out YouTube – POST-PROJECT – cannot be useful. Call that “comparing notes” with others. The extra advice you may get can supplement your already well-rounded personal experience. A cherry on the cake, so to say.)

Enjoy our video!

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