The concept of forced scarcity {VLOG}

The concept of forced scarcity {VLOG}

What are some good examples of “forced scarcity?” We’ll talk about them in today’s VLOG.

This is one of those dumb human conditions that relate to “fear of missing out,” or commonly known to younger people as “FOMO.”

  • It can be Apple products that people wait on line for.
  • Or video cards everyone wants to game or mine on.
  • And even more relatable – goods like paper towels, toilet paper, and water!
  • What about gasoline? Each time there is a “scare,” people go berzerk!
  • Of course, we also have the so-called “Vaccines” that people are lining up for.

Whether these “shortages” are real, accidental, or (most likely) by design – concerns us.

Not for us in particular – because we try to always remain prepared to some degree.

But for the rest of humanity. It shows how EASY it is to create panic and a swell of spending activity for something that (may or may not be) real.

This is why it’s imperative to be content with what you have – and have your basic requirements covered for a few months out. Not a big deal at all.

And as you watch things come and go – like the seasons – it will all make sense to you.

Nothing has been scarce at all! They just love getting people worked up. Probably by design (forced supply and demand and profits.)

Have a great day!

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