Today we’re going to list a brief entry for The Market Place at Roxbury – which is located on Route 206 (northbound side) just a mile south of Route 80.

We’ve been to this place a few times for various reasons.

They have a pretty good wine selection (average prices), as well as a “mini-supermarket,” deli, and full-service butcher. To round things out, they also sell a pretty good selection of prepared food you can take home.

The few times we’ve eaten here – we were pleased with the food quality overall. It seems they have a decent standard when it comes to taste.

Heck, we even tried their store-made Beef Jerky recently – which lit the fire under us to get our own food dehydrator (so much cheaper! Pays for itself in one or two uses!)

Premium Prices at The Market Place at Roxbury

All the good things aside – it’s a bit hard for us to justify regular patronage at The Market Place.

While we truly do not have a problem with their quality – the prices are most certainly not in line with our (and most other people’s) budgets.

$11.00 macaroni & cheese, and $15 packs of hot dogs are not how our family rolls.

Yes, we know there is a price to pay for convenience (as well as their real estate costs, and other overhead), but I guess everyone has their own line in the sand.

I’m sure there are plenty of people that have no problem shopping here (which is why they’re still open), but we will only shop here sporadically – or if we’re in a pinch (not much else in the area).

The Market Place at Roxbury (Map, phone, hours)

Phone: 973-448-1530
Hours: Monday-Saturday 9am-7pm, Sunday 9am-5pm. Also open holidays including Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Day

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