All top restaurants are carb dens! {VLOG}

Why America is fat – all restaurants are “carb dens!” {VLOG}

Did you know America has around 700,000 restaurants or “fast food” joints?

It’s probably over 1,000,000 places you can get “junk food” like chips or energy drinks and soda. Think of all the gas stations and mini-marts not included in “official” restaurant estimates.

When we checked out Jersey Mike’s Subs recently, we noticed that the Top 25 fast-food chains in this country had about 150,000 locations between them.

And as you can see in the video above – their primary meals include bread sandwiches or burgers, pizzas, and potatoes.

It’s why we coined the phrase “carb dens.”

Literally synonymous with DRUG DENS.

Addictive and enjoyable. And people absolutely (usually subconsciously) need their “FIX.”

The difference between falling to pieces via dangerous drugs and these kinds of foods is the time required to fall into despair, as well as the kind of damage done.

This is exactly why most of the low-carb/carnivore people list “eating out” as one of the most difficult things to do.

Tread carefully when eating out in the wild – and try to always prepare your own food for best results!

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