BBQ is one of our downright favorite foods – however, both scheduling and our own inventory of food at home often block us from enjoying it!

Why is that? Because we don’t like wasting food, you know? I just can’t get myself to drop $50 for delicious BBQ when we have perfectly good food waiting for us.

Like the other day, we were in the Mansfield, NJ and Hackettstown, NJ area – and I remembered I’ve been wanting to try Piggy’s Deli & BBQ (also spelled Piggy’s B.B.Q. on their sign). They say Hackettstown – but they’re technically in Mansfield. Another one of those confusing NJ town, postal address, city conundrums.

But we had a boatload of already cooked meats from a cookout we had the previous day. Sure, we can freeze some stuff – but we already have two freezers packed with stuff!

So we’re going to have to be a bit more diligent and make some long-range plans to have the space to bring home a tray or two of delicious BBQ. Not just from Piggy’s – but other places we’re dying to get our hands on, like American Heroes Smokehouse BBQ in Scotch Plains. And probably a dozen more spots along the coverage area.

Piggy's Deli & BBQ of Hackettstown, NJ

What is Piggy’s Deli & BBQ anyway?

For our purposes – Piggy’s Deli & BBQ will solely be for future (smoked) meat love. However, they do so much more. Breakfast, lunch, and salads – as well as full-on catering, BBQ’s and corporate events.

But first, here’s what they have to say about themselves…

About Piggy’s Deli & BBQ

Piggy’s first opened its doors in February of 2008. Our original store was a small sandwich shop. We quickly became well known for our summertime catering & quality foods.

In 2012 we moved to a larger state-of-the-art facility to expand our offerings. Due to popular demand, we have installed an 1100 pound wood fed smoker in the store. We can now provide our customers with a huge selection of REAL SMOKED BBQ year round. All of our meats are smoked low & slow over Hickory or Cherry Wood each and every day!

Piggy's Deli & BBQ of Hackettstown, NJ

Smoked BBQ preferred over “grilled” BBQ

While everyone has their own favorites – we just love the “fall off the bone” tender aspect of smoked meats. Pulled Pork, Brisket, even smoked chicken, which they also deep fry to make crispy!

There are other BBQ places that do traditional grilling or even rotisserie (like Pork Chops BBQ in Flemington, NJ) – but we can do that at home any day of the week, so it’s nothing special and often hit or miss (more miss than hit for us!)

So looking at Piggy’s Menu – we suspect our first few orders will likely consist of one or more of the following:

Pulled Pork (plain)
Smoked & Fried wings
Rack of St. Louis Ribs
BBQ beef brisket
Whole chicken

And then if they pass the test – we’ll delve into maybe a whole pork butt, some chorizo sausage, and maybe some hickory smoked beef.

All this talking about Piggy’s is making me hungry. We’ll post a separate review when we finally take the plunge.

You can call them at 908-813-3008 for more information or to place an order.

They’re located at 1930 NJ Route 57 – and here is a map of where you can find them!

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