Today we have a public service announcement regarding the upcoming holiday season. The Holidays do NOT make you fat – YOU DO!

I’ll repeat – the holidays do not make you fat.

Nothing can “make” you gain weight and become unhealthy. Only you can.

The Holidays do NOT make you fat!

Temptation and expectation

Look at all the supermarkets and other stores for the next two to three months. Massive displays of sugary, unhealthy foods. The photos in this post are from ShopRite and Barnes & Noble.

All in the name of “duh holiday season.”

And people, in general, have become conditioned to think that the holiday seasons MUST include such unhealthy food stuff! Why?

What about the holidays makes them indulge? What is preventing them from indulging all year round? Oh yeah, I forgot. People DO indulge all year! Look around! They only INCREASE the binging around the holidays! Silly me!

The Holidays do NOT make you fat!

Drug pushers peddling their wares

We are a little bit sickened by this blatant “drug-pushing.” It’s the best way we can describe it.

Sugary foods are known to be addictive. And known to be detrimental to your health. They’re also known to be “tasty” to almost all human beings, ourselves included.

Texture and taste are part of the equation, the other part of the equation is what happens to your mind and body after consumption. Almost always it’s the desire for MORE in a short period of time. And over a longer period of time, it’s usually obesity or diabetes (or other related diseases).

The Holidays do NOT make you fat!

Oddly enough, satiety isn’t addictive to enough people. You know, to stop thinking about food enough to move on with other activities. We’ve been low-carb for almost a decade (with mistakes in the middle). It took us that long to truly value the importance of satiety. To recognize it’s power and effectiveness.

While other people are shoveling bread and stuffing in their mouths, we may simply eat a pat of butter and feel satisfied. Then perhaps some dark meat and a glass of wine, and we’re “full” enough to stop eating. Never any dessert. Ever. And we never feel “stuffed.” Over-eating is a pain I’m glad I can hardly recall what it feels like.

The Holidays do NOT make you fat!

Sugary candy and chocolates will enable over-consumption. If we ever (ever) eat any chocolate, it’s ONLY super-dark chocolate (usually over 90%), and usually, only one tiny square, enjoyed slowly and thoughtfully.

When you look around what they’re peddling in MASS QUANTITIES (with millions of willing customers), it might be time to ask why.

Is it just for human enjoyment?

Or have they figured out how to have permanent customers for eternity?

The Holidays do NOT make you fat!

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