Spending time: What makes you content with life? {VLOG}

Do you really “choose” what to do with your time?

Face it. Every single person on Earth has an expiration date.

Some lives end tragically “too soon.” Others do not. Some get astoundingly difficult despite successful attainment of old age. It’s a crapshoot much of the time. We get what we get (including luck and bad fortune).

It seems that most folks choose “happiness” as one of their main objectives. At least that is what we can see where we are in New Jersey.

And what makes people happy varies widely across the spectrum, doesn’t it? Fun and entertainment. Productivity. Working out of necessity. Laziness. Passively. Actively. Blissfully clueless. And a million others.

In the end – it boils down to how we spend our (limited) time alive.

Today’s NJroute22.com VLOG talks about how people like to spend their time. And does it really make a difference whatsoever?

If life expires, does it matter?

Is it okay to be reckless and stupid if that makes you happy?

Or is a more productive and pragmatic life “better?”

Are we all just “selfish,” regardless of what we choose to do – even if it is labeled as “charitable?”

Is any particular way better than another? Should anyone (including us) judge how anyone else lives their lives? Especially if we just go away eventually anyway?

But who “nudges” people may open some mental doors for you

Interesting life questions – especially if you have a clue of how the world works – and what is essentially “available” to the populous around you.

What is artificially here? How has technology affected society as a whole? Are we being steered away from a better life in exchange for personal pleasure? Who benefits from the system that is currently in place?

What we do, believe it or not – is profoundly shaped by the power brokers of the world. The ones that have almost complete control of money, entertainment, technology, information, nutrition, laws, etc.

However, there are many things we can collectively do – that are completely outside of the control those brokers have. But finding the path is part of the challenge.

And that alone is worth the price you pay for not playing in their very controlled environments.

We ramble on about this facet of human life today.

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