How will they stop voter fraud in NJ?

Not sure about this upcoming election. We’re wondering how they can even begin to stop voter fraud in NJ and beyond.

The last time we voted at a polling station, you basically stated your name – and they looked you up in some massive paper book.

NJ wants to perform most of the voting via mail-in ballots this year.

And as you know, the “results” are known very quickly on the day of the election. HOW?

What if someone mails in a ballot AND votes in person. What if a million people do the same? What is the exact process for identifying the duplicates?

Also – it’s easy to go to the voting station minutes before closing – and walk up to a table and just pick a name in the book that hasn’t voted yet – and you can vote again! Especially if you have help from “insiders.”

We really hate politics overall – but any person with a shred of common sense and critical-thinking ability KNOWS that the current state of affairs when it comes to voting in America is 100% RIPE for fraud. So much so, that it’s not a crazy idea to think that the last 50+ years of elections (sans 2016) were all “won” fraudulently.

The best comparison is how they say you need ID for practically everything these days – why is voting not the most important one? It’s that simple a question that politicians who are in favor of these mail-in ballots can never answer in a straight-forward manner. Never. Always have to cry about some under-privileged person who can’t vote.

They better fix this now.

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6 months ago

Anyone with half a brain cell can see that any remote voting will be tampered with. We cannot stand this charade whatsover. None of my half-brained friends can understand it. They assume everything will be done legitimately.