Sweet Attacks from Childhood and Beyond! {VLOG}

Sweet Attacks from Childhood and Beyond! {VLOG}

Today we have a little bit of a different low carb, keto, carnivore vlog. It focuses on the sensation of sweetness – and how CHILDREN in particular are attacked by sweets from the very beginning.

We could come up with hundreds of examples – but here are just four.

1. Toothpaste! Who thought it was good to send “sweet signals” to a child’s brain the first thing and the last thing every day? Bubble gum. Berries. And many other pastes that taste like candy. Not a good message! And notice how it gets hammered in probably 1000 times a year!

2. Gummy vitamins. Worst invention ever. We already know that with a good diet – multivitamins are totally unnecessary. Waste of money. But to taste like literal candy – is even worse. And don’t even bother teaching your kids to swallow pills. Good diets (with meat) and plenty of sunshine exposure are all you need.

3. Breakfast Cereal. Also one of the worst inventions as well. It elevated to “criminal” stages once cartoon characters and cross-marketing took place. One bowl of kids breakfast cereal has more carbs than we eat in a whole week.

4. It could be almost anything else – but another one we just do not dig at allare most “juices.” Packed to the brim with sugar – at super high concentrations. If the kids absolutely need “fruits,” give them a real piece. I suppose kids are okay as long as you cut them off early afternoon. Have you ever seen a kid after eating an entire apple?

Teach your kids low carb – you will thank yourself in two decades. And they will thank you as well.

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