Gov. Murphy expands NJ quarantine advisory – now 34 states, Puerto Rico and D.C.

New Jersey is now asking travelers from 34 states to two other jurisdictions to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in New Jersey, an increase from the 31 states. Governor Phil Murphy made the announcement early last week.

New to the list are the District of Columbia, Illinois, Kentucky, and Puerto Rico. Minnesota was re-added after being removed previously.

The quarantine is (currently) “voluntary” and there are (supposedly) no penalties for failure to comply.

Who wants to wager that these “quarantine” advisories will slowly ramp up the closer we get to November? Will it ever hit all 50 states? Probably not. But it may get very close. You know the saying “something doesn’t seem right…”? Or better yet – “something smells fishy.”

(h/t SaveJersey)

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