Superfoods Hype – Fact or Fiction? {VLOG}

Superfoods Hype – Why? Neither good or bad! {VLOG}

In today’s VLOG – we chat about what the big hype is over “superfoods.”

We don’t get into details about exactly which ones – but you’ve heard of health foods like kombucha, green tea, acai, goji berry, and a million more.

On one side of the marketing hype – you have people peddling these health foods as amazing substances that are practical “cure-alls” for life’s troubles. From Anxiety to cancer and everything else in-between.

And on the other side – you have industries that downplay the benefits of “superfoods.” They don’t want people eating ANYTHING that isn’t BAD for them. They also support the mainstream medical and pharma industries. All you need to do is see what the top couple pages of internet search results give you – and you can see the information war right before your very eyes.

But in reality – it’s neither here nor there.

This industry was practically invented out of thin air. “Superfoods” as they call them do not exist. Almost all foods have vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and more! Because one berry or plant may have a higher concentration doesn’t make you a superhero when you consume them. It’s just not possible.

It is true, however, folks that are in-tune with these so-called superfoods – probably have a “healthier than average” diet. But we observe people and see that even the health food store freaks still get the most important aspects completely wrong. Like missing a 2-foot putt.

And almost all of those articles and consumers overlook the elephant in the room. And that is sugar.

Avoid commercial food. Eat a lot of meat. And do NOT spike your blood sugar levels – and you’ll find good health faster than ANY other method available these days.

Let the rest of the masses obsess and fight over their perceptions with superfoods. It’s their time they’re wasting.

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