Isn’t it crazy that real butter is seemingly losing the “majority?” It used to be JUST butter!

No thanks.

Then in the 1800’s – the dreaded margarine came along (along with the fake science that it was supposed to be better). But you still had two. Butter or margarine. (The recognizable “I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter” made its debut in 1981.)


For the longest time, people suspected that eating margarine was good for you. Look at the obesity levels these days. Just one of the many nails in the coffin of good health.

Today? The vegan aspect has crept in and really muddied the selection process. That “plant-based” butter is the margarine of the millennium.


People seem to still have this “feel good” concept with their relationships to plants. Just like those horrific Beyond Burgers – there is a dark side (very dark) to the warm and fuzzy plant-based eating mindset. We feel the need to at least mention this before people find out the doomsday news that comes out years from now as they’re rotting from the inside out.


Anyway, we pretty much found only ONE (yes one) actual butter that is worth buying (wholly recommended). Kate’s Butter from Maine. The only butter made with sea salt instead of toxic ordinary salt. You can get it at Stop & Shop for the moment – as ShopRite has squeezed it out of stock to make room for this plant-based nonsense. Otherwise, it’s hard to find. (Amish butter is a second option – and worst case we’ll buy ordinary (unsalted) butter).

The only butter you should buy!

Remember – those plant-based products are concentrated. No human should be eating that much vegetable matter, no matter how they concoct it in their labs. Stick with the animal-based goodness, and you should have nothing to worry about.

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