Crazy social media blitzes seem to be the only way to reach people?

Today we have a brief “gripe” about the current state of affairs in the world today – regarding “communications.”

In this case – it’s getting the word out about a website such as this one (

Back in the day – good old fashioned “internet searches,” like Yahoo, Google, and all the others – gave great results. If you typed “New Jersey liquor stores” or something like that – we’d probably get a good result.

These days – horrible search results have DOMINATED. And I’m not just talking about what kind of reach this website has.

We’re talking primarily about searching for things WE FIND USEFUL. And most of the results that Google or any other search engine gives us – are utter garbage. A waste of time. I almost hate using search engines anymore! Better off asking someone in person for suggestions or general advice!

And we won’t even get started with bogus social media sites and other platforms INFESTED with “influencers.” Seems like half the country are now considered “experts” even though they know absolutely nothing other than how to get followers online.

A very sick trend indeed.

What ever happened to the good ‘ole days of “searches?”


Maybe I’m showing my age here – but we used to LOVE the internet search engines.

Genuinely helpful results. Always.

In fact, we found some of our favorite lawn equipment 10 years ago because the “search engine” helped us find them.

Today? Those people I found – are not being found online by ANYONE anymore. Because the big guys crushed them – along with all the other companies that manipulated the search engine optimization parameters. Of course, most of the blame goes to the horrible companies like Google, Bing, and all the others – for allowing this nonsense to happen in the first place.

Thank God we still know where to go to get good info. The searches we do these days are almost for shits and giggles. Because we know what rubbish we will get.

What to do? How to solve this terrible conundrum?

We want to scale our business – but not spend 18 hours a day fiddling with 15 social media networks, comments, likes, and analytics.

Way too unnecessarily complicated for normal people. It’s not that we cannot do it or fail to understand, it just seems ridiculous.

Not because we have all these terrible tools and too many outlets of communication – but that EVERYONE IS USING THEM WITHOUT QUESTION!

By diluting the forms of interacting with each other – they’ve made this world very scattered and overly complex.

While we like the competitive market conceptually, this is just too much.

Does anyone know how many “viable” communication platforms there are these days? 10? 50? 200?

You peel the layers back, and you’ll be amazed. It’s overwhelming and detrimental to our very survival, we think.

No one likes monopolies – however, there are equal problems when everyone is talking but no one is listening.

Good luck for us all! We are going to need it for the upcoming future.

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