Retail and Supermarket “compliance”

Retail and Supermarket “compliance” in New Jersey

What is up with the retail and supermarket “compliance?”

We have been doing our supermarket shopping via the “curbside” pickup since this “crisis” started.

Why? Because we refuse to wear a mask. For our own reasons.

But watching the behavior of others is fascinating.

Hordes of compliant people – wearing masks, etcetera. Feels surreal.

Then you have others – who are scared and obsessive – doing things like cleaning the handles of a shopping cart. Don’t people know that this scare tactic is basically designed to alter behavior?

I swear – if someone came here today and PROVED that the whole thing was a HOAX – an exceptionally large percentage of the population would CONTINUE wearing masks and over-sanitizing.

This is a combination of both confirmation bias (believing the initial fears – and now complying), as well as cognitive dissonance (difficulty with handling two contradicting views – usually hanging on to the initial position they took).

Clearly – independent thought and critical thinking are out the window for most people.

Not all mask-wearers are duped – they just cope

On the contrary – I can understand why some people would comply. Because they need food – do not want to pay extra for online shopping (it is a pain in the ass), and many other reasons. Not every one that complies with the mask “rules” is necessarily a lemming or sheep. Sometimes you must do what you must do.

You just must drop your ideals and “pretend” to comply. Which probably is not good long term.

Then there are people who REFUSE to be controlled – and many times – bad things happen to them when the “MOB” is against them. They get booted out of stores, and often arrested for not “FOLLOWING THE RULES.” Even assauled.

That is precisely why I do not even want to test the system. Perhaps that makes us partially compliant as well, who knows. But I will not demoralize myself to the point where I am just following rules. But I do miss shopping in person. Sucks that rules were imposed that even disbelievers had to “enforce.” Totally ludicrous.

At least we never donned a mask once. And we are doing fine.

Hopefully, the sheep will finally go away.

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