Continuing our weekly video series for on YouTube called The Life of Two Australian Shepherds we adopted in January 2019.

For week 12’s episode – Ocho and Sonny have both been involuntarily enrolled in DOG TRAINING! Hooray for us!

Dog training is dedication, right?

Well – it does require some work and dedication – but that is okay. A little effort today – will save a lot of pain and heartache tomorrow!

Both pooches are now in some “basic training” – or mini-boot camp for puppies. Even though we’re seasoned owners and don’t really NEED any lessons on how to care for dogs – we’re mainly doing it for dog socialization, since we don’t live in a densely-populated “walking city” with dog parks and tons of people and other frenetic interactions (sirens, car stereos, public nutbags, etc.) And of course, refreshers are always helpful when you don’t handle puppies every single day. What’s wrong with a little refresher, right?

Our two new little boys both did very well, considering how young they are!

The two places we’re going are:

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