We’ve driven past the Schooley’s Mountain General Store 100’s of times over the past decade. But never went in! Isn’t that crazy?

We’re not sure the exact reason, but it was always an after-thought, as we were speeding down a windy road on to a different destination. We suspect that this business caters more to folks much more local.

But we did stop by recently for a quick pit stop. A nice “old fashioned” colonial building that has been around for centuries! How nuts is that?

And upon further review, we found out it was for sale. Not sure why. Many times “retirement” is the case.

Schooley's Mountain General Store (for sale)

But they have a USPS office inside, which they say has a 5-year lease, but one website we saw indicated the lease ends in December 2019. Maybe the post office is moving?

Either way – this location is interesting, to say the least, and seemed very highly trafficked, even during off-peak hours.

Having both a post office as well as lottery tickets is a good way to keep foot traffic high. Not sure if they were buying much else, but reviews are good for this place, including their “New York Style” pizza.

Not much else around really. You’d have to head over to Hackettstown to the North, Chester to the East for more action.

Either way, the place is for sale for $850,000. I wonder what their annual sales are – as well as profit after overhead and taxes. Perhaps a little TLC and re-branding will help?

Schooley's Mountain General Store (for sale)

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