They say hindsight is 20/20. Not only does hindsight have good vision it also smacks you across the face and says “you should have!”

Seize the day when it comes to good deals – and pay attention!

Area ShopRite supermarkets often have “seasonal” items for sale. Summer stuff. Back to School. Winter things. Even fireworks!

Also included are TOYS for kids during the Christmas season.

And this year was no exception – one of the types of products they had were battery powered ride on vehicles which are a huge hit for suburban families.

We didn’t pay attention and lost out on not only a great deal – but a money-generating opportunity.

Seize the day with good deals

Should have bought that Audi TT RS car!

That car you see above was a 12-volt battery-powered toy Audi TT RS car for kids. On sale for $129, but even cheaper for Price Plus card members, only $79.

Each time I saw it I meant to “research” it further. And it took me a while – but when I finally did, we realized how good a deal it was. It sold for more than $250 online!

When I went back – they were all gone. All the ShopRites.

NOW – people have been “flipping” them on eBay for OVER $1000 each! I should have bought all of them!

This is a lesson for us. Next time, DO NOT DELAY the research. Do it in the store, on your phone, on the spot.

Another opportunity lost!

Seize the day with good deals

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