Say no to “feel-good” bogus bacon! {VLOG}

Say no to “feel-good” bogus bacon! {VLOG}

The product in question is this “GREENFIELD NATURAL MEAT CO.”

A 12oz pack was seven bucks.

You can get FOUR PACKS similar-sized Jimmy Dean bacon for the same price AS ONE of these when they’re on sale.
“Pork raised with:

– “HUMANELY RAISED” (but the animal was killed?)
– “VEGETARIAN FEED” (yet this is meat, isn’t it?)
– “GLUTEN FREE” (aren’t all slabs of bacon “gluten free?)

It plays into people’s minds… they hear the “buzz words” and somehow forget they’re eating an ANIMAL – that was KILLED for its MEAT.

I bet some folks even thing this MEAT is vegetarian because of the big BOLD print!

It was awful.

I like to call it “SOY BOY BACON.”

Might as well just eat dirt leaves and grass. Why even bother eating bacon if you’re not going to do it right? What is everyone afraid of?

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