Route 78 – Route 287 Ramp complete {good or bad?}

We recently did an overview of the whole upgrade of the Route 78 / Route 287 exchange project over in fabulous Bedminster, NJ.

Boy, we were surprised they got the new ramp up in action this fast! We thought for sure it would take longer.

However, they’re still working on dismantling the old ramp.

Like we said – we’re not sure this is much of an improvement. Maybe for weak drivers who needed to merge over, but the flow from Route 78 to Route 287 is a bit worse now.

The off-ramp is very slow – especially if you have a tractor rig in front of you. And you’re usually met with some congestion on 287 North.

A big shrug of the shoulders, right? Just more “infrastructure” work to keep the economy flowing (for some).

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