Maldon Sea Salt Flakes {a delicious review}

Sometimes we’re a bit hard on King’s Supermarket.

Mainly due to their prices on most ordinary staples.

However, like we’ve been saying – we look for strengths of each marketplace worth considering.

And one such strength King’s has is their ability to carry products that might not be found elsewhere. At least for a while before a trend catches on.

One such product is Maldon Sea Salt Flakes. Yes, you can sometimes get them for less on Amazon (with a qualifying purchase of I think $25 or more), but it’s nice to know King’s carries various “gourmet” salts.

Just head to the back of the store (at least the Whitehouse location) to find them.

See our brief VLOG about it above as well.

Salty rules of the household

We typically have just a few rules we follow when it comes to salt.

Maldon Sea Salt Flakes

  1. Never, ever use ordinary table salt. Won’t get into this now, but ordinary table salt is simply bad for you. I’ll try and find my sources which explain in a more scientific way.
  2. Always use sea salt. May taste similar to table salt – but profoundly different. For one, it does actually taste much better, and there actually health benefits to the right sea salt. We’ll expand on this in the future, as well as the varieties (Celtic, Himalayan, Real, etc.)
  3. You can’t really fix over-salting, so to err on caution, we usually slightly under-salt food to allow for customization at the dinner table.

But the Maldon Sea Salt Flakes are in a world of their own.

Why we love Maldon Sea Salt Flakes

To go along with the under-salting of cooked or prepared food – you naturally might add salt as you’re eating.

And some salts are super-fine, and others a bit more coarse. Then you also have super-coarse, which should only be used for cooking.

But the Maldon Sea Salt flakes are in a world of their own.

A level of subtle “crunch” along with the amazing ability to AMPLIFY the flavor of your food. Much more than even other quality sea salts.

It has to be tasted to be believed.

To quote one online reviewer:

“This is the angel’s version of salt; like solid snowflakes with bright and fresh salt flavor. This is the finishing salt they use in heaven. It’s light, crispy, relatively large flakes of salt which taste very pure. Comparatively, the iodized stuff in the round box (that we all grew up with) tastes as though it has been in that iconic box since the beginning of time. This is tactile, and more fun than I’d like to admit to pinch and grind between your fingers onto your food.”

Click here to buy, or head over to your local King’s. It’s the only place we’ve found it (so far) around here!

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