What do you do when there are already probably thousands of reviews and online “comments” about a long-standing establishment such as the Clinton Station Diner?

Share your unique viewpoint, that’s what!

Clinton Station Diner – a favorite diner for many

We very rarely eat out – as we choose to be in as much control of what we eat (and how it’s prepared), that things like restaurant reviews will be a minimum here on NJroute22.com.

That doesn’t mean never.

Recently, we took a spin out to the Clinton Station Diner because we ran out of eggs – and finally wanted to check out a place that we’ve driven past 1000’s of times. A perfect excuse.

Note that in general, most 24-hour diners are essentially the same. At least in concept and presentation.

Clinton Station Diner has a few claims to fame. On the “practical” side, they have an in-house bakery, and all sweets are baked on the premises daily (along with the burger buns, twice a day).

They also have these massive Hamburger of the Gods Challenges. Like food eating contests. For example, if 10 people can finish a 105-pound hamburger in one hour – the team wins $5,000!

Those anecdotes out of the way – how was the diner for more normal circumstances?

Clinton Station Diner is efficiently run (decent food too)

Located right off Exit 13 on Route 78 Westbound – the Clinton Station Diner is familiar to many – as another claim to fame is their iconic blue railroad car as part of the establishment.

We ate inside the “box car” to thrill the kids.

Also – this was our “exciting” view of the fast-moving traffic along Route 78. Some of us pondered how safe the diners would be if three fully-loaded tractor trailers got into an accident at 80 miles per hour.

That didn’t spoil our appetite, though.

Without getting into the boring details of what we ate – we’ll summarize instead.

  1. The establishment is perfectly okay with substitutions. For instance, we were able to trade our bread and hash browns for blueberries instead. Love places that are flexible.
  2. The food arrived lightning-quick, and exactly as ordered. We like competence.
  3. Was satisfactorily prepared, without any complaints whatsoever.

Below are some photos. They give a lot of food as well – which some people apparently appreciate.

Overall, Happy with the Clinton Station Diner

In all – for people who no longer eat out, we were pleasantly surprised. The value was decent as well (look out for regular 50% coupons too!)

They had other unique aspects as well – like fresh-squeezed orange juice (right there up front!), as well as a model train that “choo-choos” around the center area (entertaining for the kids).

During our brief stay, I’d suggest only one improvement. And that is the entrance to the diner. They really ought to figure out a way to separate the flow of incoming diners, and out-going paying customers. Seemed to be a bit of a cluster-flock.

But overall – we will visit this place again when the situation warrants. Also good to know you have a 24-hour place “just in case.”

Map: Clinton Station Diner, Clinton, NJ

Address: 2 Bank St, Clinton, NJ 08809
Phone: 908-713-0012

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