Even e-cigarettes are prohibited these days

We stopped in a Walmart the other day – and noticed this sign on the front door regarding smoking. Both regular tobacco as well as “e-cigarettes” were both prohibited.

Now I can understand how some folks don’t want to experience the smell of tobacco products. Fine.

But even e-cigarettes – which have no odor at all are a big no-no.

We see why, though. Some of those “e-cigs” (vapes) emit such a cloud of vapor it can be intimidating to those who are easily triggered. And God knows if there are any “toxins” in that cloud as well.

Never fear, though. The smoking area was just a few feet down the front of the building, that the smell was still easily noticed.

In the end, we don’t care. Because it most certainly has a zero statistical significance in regards to the outcome of our lives.

Most people have the ability within themselves not to make a big stink out of these little stinks. But in 2019 and beyond, the world is becoming offended much easier than ever.

Prohibited! {even e-cigarettes?}

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