Panera Bread, according to what is available online – is a thriving business. Mostly because they sell ridiculously addictive foods that seem harder to quit than most evil drugs.

Over at this location outside the Somerville Circle in Raritan, NJ – we noticed that the sign above the store had changed to a simple “font” instead of their previous logo. Did they change their branding?

Panera Bread tries to increase visibility in Raritan

Apparently not.

We suspect that this location deemed that they “suffered” because of the smallish logo (probably a zoning ordinance from the city). And they decided to make it more visible and clearer. Each time we’ve been in that shopping center, there was always a steady stream of customers.

Perhaps the next time we’re in the area, we’ll ask. But seems like the most logical answer.

This is how it looked in 2018:

Panera Bread tries to increase visibility in Raritan

Panera Bread tries to increase visibility in Raritan

Regardless – it was a change that we wanted to document here. Again, we don’t eat out at restaurants much – as it’s one of the most sensible ways to save cash. Eating at home is also much healthier!

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