Pork Chop’s BBQ of Flemington, NJ {first review}

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Pork Chop’s BBQ of Flemington, NJ

Here’s a brief entry about Pork Chop’s BBQ of Flemington, NJ – and a starter discussion for Barbecue (BBQ) in general.

Pork Chop’s BBQ (located at 174 Route 31 North, Flemington, New Jersey 08822) labels themselves as a “Portuguese Churrasqueira,” which essentially means “grilled meat.”

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They serve beef, chicken, pork, and seafood in various formats and portions. Most of the meat is grilled over fire and the whole chickens are on spits which rotate over open flames.

From what we can tell, the place does okay, as there are definitely people that appreciate the grilled or charred meats. We only sampled a couple items (wings and pulled pork) in order to gauge interest and quality. You know, two easy dishes that shouldn’t be hard to get right.

However, maybe we picked the wrong items or a bad time to try them out. As we were a bit let down.

The wings were tough, chewy, and got stuck in our teeth. Had some buffalo flavor, but otherwise pedestrian.

The 1 lb. of pulled pork we received was a rip-off. We received less than 10 ounces. Remember to bring a food scale there if you pick up. Felt cheated. The meat was okay, but didn’t melt in our mouth the way other places we’ve tried have.

Pork Chop's BBQ of Flemington, NJ {first review}

Pork Chop's BBQ of Flemington, NJ {first review}

Makes it hard to try Pork Chop’s BBQ again…

Overall – for our first try at Pork Chop’s BBQ – we have to give it a D rating. We will try them again if we feel like being set up for disappointment. Who knows, maybe we’ll be surprised.

Perhaps the ribs, whole chickens, or seafood are better options.

You can call your order in at 908-237-9111 if you want to test your luck.

Does anyone eat here regularly? Have any tips to share? What is your favorite BBQ?

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Should we try Pork Chop's BBQ again?

We love meat cooked over an open flame. But it can be done wrong. That was our first experience at Pork Chop’s BBQ of Flemington, NJ. We will give them a shot again, but it can be costly to repeat the same mistake over and over. Time will tell.

*** Note that “online” reviews gave them a 4.4 out of 5.0 (80+ reviews). A lot of people raved about the “huge” portion sizes of rice and fries (carbs win over a lot of people). However, apparently, the whole chickens were very good. That is what we’ll try when we give them a second shot. ***

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