One simple rule for low carb, keto, or carnivore living

One simple rule for low carb, keto, or carnivore living

You ever smack yourself for not seeing what was right in front of your eyes?

That is the problem with almost all mainstream, popular “diets.” They contain some good truths – but then ruin everything with complications and difficult to maintain regimens.

What happens as a result – is people are not focused. With so many stipulations, the golden nugget gets lost in the sauce. This often leads to disappointment, and easy “cheats,” that then set people back.

Which is why following the carnivore diet, zero carb diet, or “animal only” diets work. And we shouldn’t even be calling them diets – but more like intelligent lifestyle adjustments.

We threw all the “rules” out there down the drain. And our sole objectives are to never raise blood sugar levels and make red meat the majority of our food consumption. You’d be surprised at how easy it has become.

Another weekly video in our year-long journey to spread the word about this profoundly effective way of living. Stay tuned for more each Sunday morning!

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