NJroute22.com Cheap Wine Review {Introduction}

We’ve decided to cut the crap when it comes to wine.

The entire wine industry has become overly and unnecessarily complicated and WAY TOO SOPHISTICATED for anyone.

It does not have to be sophisticated. Taste buds are very tolerant of many different varieties. Only extremely BAD things truly affect our lovely taste buds.

In the end – having “the best” really doesn’t matter to us. It’s a fleeting moment anyway! (See our previous post about “Wine Snobbery.”)

What lasts longer, is the effect that the “tasty” wine we drink has on us.

No more mainstream reviews – trying a different approach

I’ll be honest. I’ve NEVER fallen for the bogus high-profile commercial reviews and other verbal acrobatics. What one publication describes a situation (any situation), whether it’s a “taste” or a level of “excitement,” is purely SUBJECTIVE (and motivated). I’d rather take the opinion of an ordinary Joe with no possible “incentive” (financial or otherwise).

This is why NO ONE should ever fall for a “mainstream review” of any food or drink product. Individual publishers is another story. Connect the dots (such as paid social media Influencers). If you can be certain there is no incentive to provide a fake or overly glowing review, you might be in the right place.

Surely – there are general goods and bads (so to say). Like drinking gasoline or cat urine – most of you would say it’s no good.

But having ANY glass of red wine, for us, is usually pretty good! It may not be the best – but after a glass or two – 99% of you don’t even care anymore. Your buds become numbed and the physical effects start taking place. So who cares.

With that said – the video above is OUR take on wine and alcohol in general. A different approach.

And each week hereafter – we will do a “review” of a CHEAP wine available for your consumption.

It will be honest. It will use real words and feelings, instead of fake synonyms and other marketing phrases. Ask yourself – how did you ever become accustomed to phrases like “attack” or “finish” exactly? Those are carefully curated words to create an imaginary environment for fermented grape juice.

Not just taste or complexity, but physical effects

What we WILL comment on, are the PHYSICAL EFFECTS drinking a certain amount of that wine has on us THE NEXT DAY. We feel that is important because it is a real, tangible event. It is not an opinion about taste, but rather a fact (for us in particular). Naturally, some folks may be immune to the negative effects of alcohol consumption, and others may be quite intolerant to more than a glass or two of wine. So perhaps this too is a moot point. I don’t care. It’s real for us – and probably most of you as well. So that’s the angle we will take, which is unique for the most part compared to other run-of-the-mill reviews.

People cannot tell the difference anyway

Here’s a video from Vox (whom we don’t really like that much), but this video was pretty much spot on.

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