Pinnacle Vodka the best bang for the buck? {Review}

Pinnacle Vodka the best bang for the buck? {Review}

When you strive to improve your choices on what the best way to enjoy alcohol are – you can seriously go through some drastic changes! Who knew we’d be talking about Pinnacle Vodka?

Especially coming from a place where we used to truly like red wines!

As a reminder – our goals for consuming alcohol are simple:

  1. A noticeable buzz without becoming smashed and knocked out.
  2. Little to no hangover.
  3. No impact to blood sugar.
  4. Reasonably priced.
  5. Good taste experience (enjoy).

They’re all important goals – but we feel that price does play a major role in our choices.

$100 bottle of wines seem like a total waste to us – as we’re not into being wine snobs whatsoever, and feel that those who are – might very well be getting the wool pulled over their eyes.

But on the other hand – we don’t automatically reach for the cheapest of the cheap. There is still some “QC,” or quality control that we have established.

Pinnacle Vodka passes the test. Check out our video for the straight scoop on the charade about the entire alcohol industry – and how to find a happy medium.

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