Never stop talking about low carb {VLOG}

We’ve said a few times on this video channel – that there is not much more you can say about being low-carb or keto or carnivore. In today’s VLOG – we’ll make the case for the contrary – and carry on with the message!

Never stop talking about low carb, keto, or carnivore

While the premise is so easy – anyone can do it – and do it successfully (don’t raise your blood sugar), it truly is not without hurdles and roadblocks.

  • One of the reasons we feel talking about this is important – is that it keeps us on our toes. Accountable, so to say. The exercise of making the videos is helpful.
  • Next, there are always new people sniffing around to see what the low-carb, keto, carnivore “thing” is all about. Nothing better than having fresh new content on a regular basis. And if we can just help one person – it is a successful mission.
  • We also find new perspectives over time. “Revelations,” if you will. Some long-term observations turn into profound realizations at the funniest times too (like the fact that ANYTHING “sweet” is probably not a good idea – even if it’s “good” sweetener.)
  • Discussing the pitfalls and mistakes is also very healthy. A way to “dust yourself off, and forge ahead.” Also may help others potentially avoid similar mistakes.
  • And finally – there are loads of new products or miracle diets out there cannibalizing the true meaning of what low-carb, keto, or carnivore is. (Such as the new wave of cauliflower products). So people would want to hear the truth – so they don’t get scammed.

So we will not stop talking about the importance of sugar (and the avoidance of it) in human life. The point needs to be hammered home until the problems that are truly a plague of society – go away once and for all.

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