Beware of the plant-based propaganda

Beware of the plant-based propaganda

In today’s VLOG – we talk about how we’ve noticed over the past several months – that “plant-based” ANYTHING is getting what appears to be an “organized” campaign against humanity.

They have their own so-called “logo” to identify what is plant-based.

(Oh in case you’re wondering – “plant-based” is just a feel-good phrase. It doesn’t mean anything. Your shoes are plant-based. Your shirt is plant-based. Heck, even COWS are plant-based! They have carefully crafted this thing called “plant-based” specifically in the meat industry because most non-critical-thinking people feel that “plants” are healthy. Almost all of them ARE NOT!)

Anyway – we’ve been seeing this crop up all over the place. Their new branding that helps people find these cruddy products in fliers, and other marketing materials.

It will not be long before “plant-based” has ENTIRE AISLES dedicated to this humanity-killing poison.

Don’t forget that plant-based garbage are now menu items at all junky fast-food places and most commercial chain restaurants. Collusion, anyone?

Lastly – take a careful look at people who strongly embrace “plant-based,” or have fallen in love with propaganda-peddling stores like Whole Foods. They simply DO NOT LOOK like healthy specimens. In fact – they look like poster children for the campaign AGAINST plant-based foods.

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