Cauliflower Snacks – Be aware! {not healthy}

Cauliflower Snacks – Be aware! {not healthy}

Today’s VLOG is about Cauliflower snacks – and the crazy trend that is making people fatter.

We talk about how cauliflower is (was) a darling of the low-carb industry. It allowed people to “enjoy” the things they used to love. Primarily bread-based products like pizza crusts.

The crusts people make themselves are devoid of any carbs (just eggs, cauliflower, and cheese + spices). All the “trending” mainstream products – in order to have shelf-stability – add TONS of carbs such as rice flour and the like.

Just because it has the word (or ingredient) cauliflower does NOT make it immune to being unhealthy.

The more you know, the better. Avoid most cauliflower-based mainstream snacks. They’re worse than old-school potato chips. Best bet? Eat pork skins, or don’t eat any packaged snacks whatsoever. Stick to your fresh meat and you’ll be flying high.


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