As some of you might know, Route 22 is the “road with 1000 faces” or something like that.

In some spots, it’s highly congested with tons of retail options wherever you look.

However, in other spots, there are little to none!

One of those particular areas is toward the central “terminus” of Route 22 in the Lebanon / Clinton area – right before it begins “sharing the road” with Route 78 all the way up to Greenwich, NJ.

Looks basic – but it’s beyond!

Metropolitan Seafood & Gourmet of Lebanon, NJ (a gem!)

Metropolitan Seafood & Gourmet is located at the intersection of Route 22 and Cokesbury Road (also exit 20A off Route 78 if you’re coming from that road). See map below.

Here is a promotional video of theirs:

It’s a great market that specializes in aquatic proteins – however, they have many more options.

From fresh deli items like salads and other sides – to various sauces, pasta, bread, even local Non-GMO corn (when in season)! All great quality (we love their pesto sauce and grape leaves as some examples).

The staff is also very friendly and accommodating. This is paramount in today’s competitive markets. That’s how some places set themselves apart.

Now I’m sure there are several other fish markets along the NJ Route 22 stretch – but we haven’t stumbled upon any yet. Maybe we’ll have to investigate for comparison. If anyone knows of any good ones for us to check out – we certainly will give it a shot. (We will try out Rath’s Deli over in Phillipsburg, NJ one of these days. They seem to focus more on meat – but also have fresh seafood as well.)

Overall – and based on other feedback – Metropolitan Seafood is still one of the top spots for quality fish! Several folks we’ve spoken with actually go out of their way to patronize Metropolitan. So that is a very good sign indeed.

You can reach them at 908-840-4332, visit their site – – or use the map below to get directions!

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