Mask hold-outs in New Jersey – are you one?

We’re just curious – as we see the “circus” around us when we go out – how many people are in the same boat as us?

That is – those that REFUSE to wear these masks that are being peddled as ways to protect everyone from each other. LOL.

Now there are probably two major types of mask hold-outs in our opinion.

  1. Those that just refuse to go places in general. No stores, no events, no restaurants. And any shopping they choose to do is done either by delivery or “curbside pickup.” Just to avoid wearing masks. That would be us, by the way.
  2. And those who just flat out refuse to COMPLY with any suggested rules. That means going into stores or anywhere for that matter – not wearing those convoluted masks. We wouldn’t mind doing that – but we have others in our family who might become scared of us – so we choose the less frictional route.

But we’ve seen many instances where the mask ritual can become quite agitated. Where other “customers” start getting offended or angry at others who choose not to comply with unfounded “orders.” Some of them get very dicey. It’s not a nice situation to find yourself in.

Freedom – Liberty – Choice

As you might know (if you get your “information” from sources other than the “MSM,”) there is almost an unlimited spectrum of opinions/”facts” regarding these masks. What types of masks. Whether any masks at all work. Or whether this whole “crisis” is just fictional altogether. Statistics that come out of this or that organization never seem to match – and you can see countless reports from many states that are stating “errors” in the hundreds of thousands – often more. In other words, a giant mess that does not add up.

A lot of people we know can just “look around” to see what is really going on.

It doesn’t appear to be a global crisis by any means. Yet many people just obey and comply. All while ignoring the myriad of other “health” related information forever (obesity, alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc.)

We think the people that are truly standing up to this are great. And from what we can tell – that mindset is growing pretty fast. Doesn’t take too long before even simple people wake up and realize the whole thing might have some suspicious intentions behind it.

Caveat – places of employment

Unless you own your own business – most operations in New Jersey pretty much require that their employees wear masks in order to create the facade of “safety.” I’m sure many of those employees don’t agree with the mask policy – but also want or need their jobs, so we understand. It’s a shitty situation to be in. You know, to sacrifice your dignity and self-respect in order to keep the nickels flowing.

How long can society tolerate this? (i.e., the dumb-ass “new normal?”)

You might have picked up on the fact that the “MSM” had curiously been parroting the phrase “the new normal” since the very beginning. As if they were told to incorporate that saying into their “scripts” over and over – until the general idiotic public was just conditioned into believing it.

For people like us who don’t allow the daily brainwashing (or water torture), we can see it from a mile away. You know, when some sort of narrative is being attempted. And this is one of the many.

We believe (or truly hope) that this time the majority of people will begin to fight back. Because whoever is attempting this wide-scale retardation of human society has likely gone a bit too far. When you witness this massive scare-campaign have such amazing effectiveness, you have to wonder. Yes, we know humans are very easily manipulated – especially when it comes to fear (think: WW2 bomb shelters).

But with today’s internet age – it’s not too hard to uncover the truth of the matter. Sure, it’s hard to sort through the amazing amount of fluff – but the truth is not out of sight by any means.

Just remember – it’s an election year, and this is no coincidence.

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