The Parental Crisis is way more real! {vlog}

The Parental Crisis is way more real in 2020

So there are some crazy things happening in this world these days. We won’t mention them specifically – but I bet you can guess what we’re referring to.

Most sane people can manage and understand.

We’re not necessarily saying there are a whole lot of sane people left anymore.

However, there are unintended victims of all these disruptions.


The most impressionable times of kids lives

It pains us that we are put into a predicament for our very precious and impressionable children.

The questions become quite difficult.

  • Should I deprive my children of various “experiences” in order to preserve dignity and avoid mental trauma?
  • Or let them experience – however with socially-engineered protocols like face-coverings and other nonsensical rules based on unsound and conflicting science?

I really don’t want my children to have to go through such measures. They are unnatural.

Everything that is happening now society-wide, is unnatural. It’s also unhealthy for kids to be traumatized like this. They are almost war-like conditions. When I see young children walking out of the supermarket looking like obedient zombies I just feel bad.

Tough times for sure. And all I want is for my kids to be mentally acute – and to have the ability to question everything including “authority” and what everyone else is doing. Part of the reason I do not even want them to see it.

You gotta explain things in blunt terms to them.

There has to be a better way.

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