Mint Mobile to save money

Mint Mobile to save money
Written by NJroute22

For years – we were paying WAY TOO MUCH for our cell phones. Insane amounts. Well over $100 per month for as long as we can remember. Some people pay several hundred for “family plans.”

Granted – we’re not heavy users. Especially when we’re out in the REAL WORLD. We rarely, if ever use the device. An occasional call, perhaps. A photo or two (if we don’t have our DSLR with us). Maybe to look up an address. No social media.

Most of our smartphone use happens at home – using WiFi. Sporadic banking, and some website tools we utilize.

Always under 1G of data usage per month.

Why not pay $15 per month via Mint Mobile?

Then we discovered Mint Mobile.

It’s a pay as you go cell service (I believe they use T-Mobile’s network). For 2G data a month – plus unlimited calls and text – it’s $15 a month (when you sign up for a year at a time).

Imagine that? $180 per year for cell service? You’d have well over $1,000 extra left over.

They have other plans if you absolutely need it – but it’s probably a better idea to experience life first hand rather than being connected to that phone, no?

Bring your own cell or buy a new one at Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile has two options.

You can either bring your own phone – or purchase one of theirs. You’d have to have an “unlocked” cell phone in order to bring your own.

They do have a wide array of phones available as well – from the ultra cheap to the latest and greatest.

Mint Mobile to save money

Limited data plan is important

It’s important to recognize how you use your phone in general.

If you understand the limits – and restrict high data usage to times when you’re connected via WiFi, then you’ll be okay.

However, if you are always watching videos and constantly on social media or posting photos and videos all day long, no matter where you are – then this service is probably not for you (unless you change your habits!)

We have no problem with the limited mobile data – as we rarely need it. Any high data usage will always be done at home or via an Xfinity hotspot we can access for free via our internet service.

It’s nice to have what is essentially an external control against excessive usage anyway. We’d rather experience the world with our eyes, and not be on the phone or tablet all the time!

Coverage – check your area

If coverage is important – use the map on the Mint Mobile Website to check your area.

Carefully study how the map works – as there are various settings you can adjust to fine tune it.

Naturally – coverage is usually better in bigger cities, so if you live in a less populated area, you may occasionally have some “spotty” service.

Overall – the best value in cell service around (better than Walmart)

No other pay as you go cell service competes with Mint Mobile in our opinion.

Even Walmart or other chain stores are at least twice as much, usually more.

While it’s not “platinum” service like other costly unlimited plans from Verizon or others – it does the job for those who intelligently use their devices. And some people would be very happy with saving that much money per year.

A+ for Mint Mobile!

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