We don’t personally eat sugary stuff here at NJroute22.com – but our family does. And continuing our summertime quest to stop into at least half a dozen Ice Cream places along our route (we also posted recently about Thee Ice Cream Parlor over in Flemington, NJ), is the infamous Polar Cub Ice Cream stand on Route 22 just east of the Route 523 in Whitehouse, NJ (technically Readington, NJ).

This place gets SO MOBBED during hot days – that it actually creates a traffic situation in such a sparsely-populated area. There was even a car “roll over” a year or two ago because of the combination of density and smartphone distractions.

At nutty peak times – we’ve even witnessed police presence. Why? For ice cream?

But these local businesses are very important in NJ

No matter what – local businesses are truly the key to a vibrant community. No one wants a bunch of foreign interests taking over a town! Now while I’m not sure where the owners are from exactly – I suspect they’re nearby – or at the very least started their roots here.

The next step is tricky for me to talk about. Because it causes a conflict for us. We try to avoid high costs – as well as things that might be detrimental to anyone’s health long-term.

We try our best to support local every step of the way – especially farming. Vegetables, fruit, and meat. No doubt about it.

But sweet stuff like ice cream – regardless if that has been a tradition for however long – it makes it hard. Sugar is just something that should be very carefully monitored. If I were the owners of Polar Cub – I’d be researching and working feverishly to get AHEAD of the next “healthy” trend as diligently as possible. Whether it’s Acai bowls, or “grain free” or whatever “sweet treats” these new-age people are flocking to – that is my free advice.

Get with the trend, adapt as fast as possible – or find yourself out of business almost overnight. Not joking. Ice Cream can seriously be the next “bad thing” before you know it. Hedge your bets today.

Refined sugar creamy treats are still big today – but don’t think for a minute that in 2019 or 2020, that this will be considered taboo – or even outright banned by our psychotic “elected” “leaders.”

Seriously, Polar Cub – email us if you want a free consultation. You gotta be ahead of the curve – or else you will be BEHIND the curve with no chance to catch up. Mark my words – this “treat” you sell has a very limited lifespan. It will not be here in 10 years. In a free market, it would, but today’s market is no longer free. Just look at plastic bags being proposed to be banned or taxed. What nonsense is that?

Anyway – we will always bring our family here at least once or twice a year – as our contribution to the “tip bucket.” I hope Polar Cub considers our foresight regarding “adapting” to the coming changes they will undoubtedly encounter. Just be prepared. Please!

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