Just because you can (apps) doesn’t mean you should! {VLOG}

Just because you have apps – and believe that they truly help you – have you really thought about the whole concept in-depth?

In today’s NJroute22.com VLOG – we offer up some interesting questions.

Who said you NEED any of those apps at all? What is truly worth it?

Debating the technology world – and the “apps” people use is a tricky conquest.

You’ll be very hard-pressed to find anyone that is completely disconnected (under 65 years old at least). And telling anyone it’s “no good,” will likely be met with fierce resistance (or heavy denial, etc.)

But I guess it might help if we try to break down these apps into categories for easier discussion. And these go beyond the “core” functionality of your phone – which (to us) is an email client, web browser, and instant messenger (text). Other truly core functions are the camera and music player – and handy little tools like a calculator or flashlight.

  • Social Media Apps – these are the true killer apps available. Facebook, Instagram, and dozens more occupy the time and minds of billions of people worldwide. A truly NEW culture – in some kind of digital matrix-like setting. These cover all aspects of life, in fact. Insane and remarkable how this entirely “new” thing has practically CONSUMED the world in such short order.
  • Other commerce apps – from just buying shit online (Amazon and the like), or selling online (eBay, LetGo), and everything in-between. This would also include finance apps for trading stocks or currencies as well. All about the “now!”
  • Health apps – The big thing these days is allowing your phone and other smart devices – “Track” your physical activity (steps, heart rate, and much more). Is your “data” something you want to keep to yourself? Where do you think that data goes? Do you really need a digital robot to motivate you? What happens if it goes away? Are you doomed?
  • Other entertainment apps – games are huge, as well as watching movies, television, and other trash. We cannot comprehend watching any movie whatsoever. YouTube – sure if necessary – but why play or watch on such small screens?

There are also “private” apps out there – that might be considered useful – or even necessary. Many parent groups have their own walled-garden type programs available.

What happened in the past 10 to 20 years?

Anyone under 35-40 wouldn’t really understand how to compare TODAY with the times before the smartphone revolution. Because they weren’t “adults” before it happened.

But for those who are old enough – you have a true reference point to how things were done in the past.

And this isn’t saying that there are SOME functions that are easier, faster, and even BETTER with an app. Like depositing a check, for instance. Hard to argue that convenience.

But we feel that something is being lost doing so many things digitally instead of “organically.”

One could argue that these days you can “do so much more in the same amount of time!” While true, but perhaps that is part of the problem.

The multitasking and furious merry-go-round of data and information – how good is that for the mind? The soul? Memory? Physical skills? Complex thinking? Or even critical thinking? Or attention span?

We don’t have enough to understand what it will mean truly long-term. Heck, you can already see many of the effects today. Just look at how the younger generation can barely hold a physical conversation anymore.

We might be considered a luddite to some – but there is something to be said for treading lightly.

Challenge – could you really do without your apps? or your smartphone?

Outside of WORK requirements – I’d be willing the bet that EVERYONE would do just fine without ANY of their apps on their smartphones. They can do well just with a computer at home.

Many folks have become SPOILED by their modern conveniences. Sure – it’s like someone from the 1700’s coming here and saying the same about electricity and running water.

But this is truly different. These “apps” have invaded almost ALL aspects of human life. Insanely addictive by design. And are also quite invasive to everyone’s privacy as well. You are all worth something to these people, which is why most of these apps are indeed free.

You tell me what apps you “need” and I’ll figure out if you really truly need it or not.

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