There comes a point in all documented civilizations – where a sufficient number of people rise up to say “enough is enough.” Sadly, that moment (in NJ at least) seems far away from today. This is a classic example of the “frog boiling” situation. The virtue-signaling rules that are being imposed have not had enough of a financial impact on the majority of people. Yet. But that day is coming. And we feel sooner than you’d expect. Just watch and see.

Why does Gov. Murphy want you to pay more in taxes?

More taxes via NJ Governor Phil Murphy – make it stop!

By Bill Spadea

That’s right, our Governor and his radical co-Governor wife are on another quixotic adventure. This time shilling for climate change extremists who want you to believe that the earth’s gradual warming over time is actually your fault. They will point to an increase in storms, rising sea levels and the number of weather events that paint a picture of doom and gloom.

We’ve heard the real agenda from the climate-crazies in Washington saying among other things that you have to stop eating meat, stop flying and if not, human civilization could end in 12 years. Obviously normal people don’t buy this nonsense. Problem is, this propaganda is being pushed in our schools, in the Liberty Science Center and by the complicit media. No one can show real evidence that your SUV warming up on a below-freezing day is killing the planet, but they will pass a law and fine you nonetheless.

We can show evidence that shows how an over-reliance on inefficient power sources like wind and solar leads to a need to an increase in coal power output. We can also show how real clean energy has to be practical and actually keep the lights on. There are two which are top of the list for clean, environment-friendly, efficient and inexpensive when applied to the power grid. Natural Gas and Nuclear.

France is one of the best success stories when it comes to clean, efficient energy production. Not only do they power 75% of the grid with nuclear, but they are a net exporter of energy to the tune of billions of euros a year.

On the negative side, Germany has been experimenting and pushing through climate change politics, a reduction of coal and fossil fuels and a reliance on wind and solar. Problem? It hasn’t been working and they are now expecting the possibility that tens of millions will be left with power shortages and blackouts.

As far as the whole debate over rising sea levels and if Al Gore is right, that this is our 9/11, listen to his insane comparison here, sea level rise is actually nothing to be concerned about. It’s normal, has been going on for hundreds of years and is in line with the normal climate cycles of the earth.

Just FYI, despite doomsday predictions pushed by the former VP, NYC is actually not underwater. And as far as the situation in Venice Italy today, they’ve had a problem for the past several decades and are dealing with the current flooding because political corruption prevented the smart policy of flood gates from being implemented. Hmm, sound familiar?

As far as the frequency of storms, it depends on how you count storms. Some models predicting and showing an increase are selecting storms based on economic damage. Even climate alarmist groups have said that it’s difficult to show a link between climate change and storm frequency. Of course, no mention from the radicals about the impact of undersea volcanoes and the impact on ocean temps and ice melt. Can’t tax a volcano, right? But you can tax New Jersey citizens and raise the cost of our energy by abusing political power and playing on irrational fears of the end of the world. That’s just what the Murphys’ are doing. YOU are the one who is gonna pay for it.

So can we stop the panic, please? Can we address the real issue of energy? Here it is. We need our energy to be abundant, inexpensive and clean. I don’t know anyone on either side of the climate change discussion who favors pollution. For the most part, we agree that pollution can and should be controlled and limited and the climate is always changing. If we take these two factors into account, natural gas and nuclear are truly our only options going forward.

Natural gas is safe, clean and is simple to transport, which makes it safer for everyone in our communities and those who work in the energy industry. Nuclear is also clean, safe and reliable. According to the Energy information Institute, it’s so efficient that nuclear is operating at a capacity factor of higher than 90%…solar and wind? 20-40% on a good day.

I haven’t even addressed the cost to the commercial fishing industry.

The stakeholders in our state’s energy plan are simply being left out of the conversation. Your convenience, livelihood and safety are being sacrificed on the alter of the radical agenda to transform our efficient and low cost energy grid into a high cost, high tax, inefficient system that lines the pockets and increases the power of politicians over the rest of us. It’s gotta stop. You can help. More to come…

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