Honest questions about Climate Change {VLOG}

The only constant is change

  • Repeat a lie often enough – it becomes truth
  • They can’t even accurately predict the weather 3 days in advance – how can anyone claim to know what will happen in a year, 10, or 100?
  • You can “google” anything to support your beliefs (pro AND con!)

To us – the “climate” has remained within the same realm. NO noticeable difference (warm or cold – wet or dry). All things go through phases that eventually change.

Ice age. Melting caps. Disappearing coastlines. Etc.

And what about the “falsified” climate data? Isn’t that enough to get people to question and stop believing the hype?

How much do we really know about how the sun or other (of a myriad of) factors play?

Most importantly – is WHO is benefiting?

To us – it’s clearly a struggle for power and control – and money and so on. To use “emotional” subject matter to influence and manipulate.

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