Ciro’s Pizza and Deli of Warren, NJ

This entry for Ciro’s Pizza and Deli of Warren, NJ isn’t even close to a review. It’s more of an interesting perspective about a place – and how geography matters.

We not only don’t even live close to this place – it’s also not on ANY main road whatsoever.

So unless you’re a “local,” or use these roads to get to a particular location on a regular basis – it’s possible you’ll never ever encounter Ciro’s Pizza.

That is what fascinates us. There are SO MANY places like this in New Jersey and in most other “spread out” communities across the country. Places that do okay, and are “known” primarily to a select group of people based on where they live. Places most other people will NEVER see or experience. Like they’re sort of “lost treasures” in a compact, highly-populated state. You know that feeling I’m describing? Like it’s been in your backyard for years – but never peeled back the layers to find it?

It’s safe to assume that 99% of their business comes from four communities: Warren, Watchung, Long Hill, and Berkeley Heights. It’s not like they can get “commuters” or travelers from far and wide that businesses on main thoroughfares like Route 22, Route 202, or Route 206 get.

But to their benefit – they also probably have an incredibly loyal customer base who frequent the restaurant very often (due to the locality and convenience).

We grabbed a slice at Ciro’s Pizza

We were traveling from Route 22 to the Stirling ShopRite to get some groceries – and wanted to use a different path to get there. That is how we found Ciro’s Pizza. The desire for taking new routes.

Again – this isn’t a review. Plus, this author who used to be a crazy carb eater – does not eat this kind of food anymore (carnivore all the way). However, a passenger in our car wanted a “quick slice,” so we stopped in. You can’t properly judge a place based on a single slice – but she said it was good. That is ambiguous as it gets.

Other online opinions give this place stellar reviews apparently. A quick look at Ciro’s Pizza Menu – and it appears that the prices are very good, too.

Do you ever like stopping at places you’ve never seen before too?

Ciro’s Pizza and Deli – map and contact info

Address: 101 Reinman Road, Warren, NJ 07059
Hours: Monday – Saturday 10:00AM – 9:00PM / Sunday 12:00PM – 8:00PM
Tel: 908-754-4444

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