For the most part – any Home Depot you go to will be fairly reliable. Odds are, they’ll have what you need in stock, and you can be on your merry way.

But there are things that set certain Home Depot locations apart. And one of those is the competence and demeanor of the staff that works there!

And while you might be able to draw correlations between the physical areas (rural vs. urban), much of it is “luck of the draw.” We tend to notice that the further away from the big cities you get, the more overall knowledge some employees have. Especially for tasks that you may likely have in common (outdoor, etc.) Personal experience goes a long way and can often augment the shopping experience positively.

We’ve been in some urban Home Depot locations, where almost every employee was useless, except to (maybe) help you find what you’re looking for on the shelf. Other rural locations were packed to the brim with helpful, knowledgeable folks!

So was there something we noticed at the Easton location?

Home Depot of Easton, PA

Honestly, we didn’t spend much time here. But enough time to get an initial “vibe.”

Easton, PA is far (two hours give or take) from any major metropolis. So you think they’d have a good “do it yourself-er” aura. We’ve had decent “DIY” help in places such as Phillipsburg and Hackettstown. Heck, we even had an amazing, great experience at the Home Depot in Whitehall, PA – so you’d think this is a slam dunk, right?

“Meh,” was the feeling we got.

We’re not sure if it was just a bad shift or something else. But most store workers we encountered were either lackadaisical or non-attentive. Almost like bare-minimum slackers. It didn’t just happen once. Many times. Like they couldn’t be bothered to help us.

And we despise that feeling. People who obviously show their discontent for the job they were hired to do should be away from front-facing customers. Don’t you agree?

Just an observation!

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not lumping ALL people that work here together. Just the ones we encountered. Maybe we had bad luck too.

But something fascinating about observing various areas of the northeast. You truly get completely different “energies” depending on where you go. And some parts of Pennsylvania have more depressing vibes. Don’t know if it’s the economy, social media, or other more personal conditions.

We had a theory the other day that physical locations on planet earth may very well have their own consciousness that rubs off on the people that live and work there. I cannot come up with a better concept as for why some areas – just five miles away can “feel” so much different!

Anyway – we got what we needed, and will likely be back. Even just to follow-up on our first impressions. You never know, right?

Map & Phone: Home Depot of Easton, PA

Phone: 610-253-1094

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