Everything is cheap and disposable in 2021

Everything is cheap and disposable in 2021

In today’s NJroute22.com VLOG – we continue our series about cheap and disposable products.

Basically – how more and more things you buy and use every day – are becoming “bare minimum.” That is – they hardly do the job you want them to.

In the past – we’ve talked about shoddy packaging and other material items that appear to have gotten so flimsy that they have a tough time holding up.

Cheapening products – nail clippers

Today – we’re going to single out one item. Toenail clippers.

We have here two “identical” clippers bought from a pharmacy chain called Rite Aid. Same exact product. Same price. And the same SKU number.

One was bought maybe seven years ago, and the other maybe a year or two ago.

There is such a difference between the two.

The older one weighs 33 grams – and has a stiff clipping arm, strong enough to cut my manly toenails.

The new one weighs 29 grams (12% lighter) and is noticeably thinner. The clipping arm bends under the slightest pressure. And we cannot muster enough force to cut our big toenail.

This irritates us. The same product has degraded in quality. Yet they still charge the same.

So this Chinese company that makes these things can now sell 12% more product with the same material cost (for the metal at least).

The cost-cutting at companies everywhere cannot continue long-term. Because someone will eventually find a way to once again make long-lasting products that people would rather buy.

It’s a shame we can’t continue getting at least STANDARD quality items and respectable prices. Now we’ll probably have to pay a premium to at least get something that can last a reasonable amount of time.

cheap and disposable

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