What is the deal with Honey? Beneficial or unnecessary?

In today’s NJroute22.com VLOG – we continue discussing a crucial subject in our opinion. It’s about “sweets.”

Honey in particular.

Not just sweet “foods,” but sweet “tastes” as well as sweet “sensations.” Honey – despite the big healthy claim to fame it has enjoyed for a very long time – is something that we’re no longer going to look at the same way. Especially after being essentially “sugar-free” for a long time.

We’re finding that exciting the “sweet” taste buds in your mouth may create some adverse overall effects on your body and mind.

This is a relatively new theory for us – so bear with us. But we feel we’ve stumbled upon a very important aspect of good health.

In other words – we think that ANY and ALL sweet tastes should essentially be avoided. We’ll have a few more episodes regarding this conversational topic – and then we’ll “REST OUR CASE!”

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