Impulse purchase temptations!

We all know that the supermarket checkout lanes (as well as the labyrinth at places like TJ Maxx and Home Goods) are impulse purchase nightmares.

So many people get hypnotized. Mostly children who beg for candy (thank God for no-candy checkout lanes at places like Wegmans). But also other suckers who buy gossip rags to entertain themselves.

What? There are some useful things at the checkout?

There can be some helpful things at times, though. Such as gift cards (useful as gifts around the holidays).

We also found a “diamond in the rough” recently as well. A truly helpful book called Handyman 2×4 Outdoor Projects.

There is nothing to snicker at here. A genuinely good resource to have – that doesn’t get outdated like celebrity gossip or other birdcage liners. This book can be kept on your shelf for years to come as an excellent reference.

You gotta pay attention – and you can find the gems out there!

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